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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Tad More on FOOG, TOO!

Just for the sake of posterity, I figured I'd show a bit of the design work that was going into FOOG, TOO! (Or Friends Of Ol' Gerber, Too!). We were looking to do a few fundraising items under the FOOG, TOO! banner that would help Ol' Gerber in his convalescence, and be some nice general items for The Hero Initiative as well. These were two prototypes for FOOG, TOO! buttons.

FOOG, TOO! was, of course, scuttled when Steve passed away. It was, of course, being done hand-in-hand with Steve. I show these now only on the advice and consent of Mary Skrenes, Steve's longtime friend and writing partner. Just figured it would be a crying shame if these designs never saw the light of day.

All design work was being done de nada by Kathleen and Dana, the fine, fine folks at Fishbrain Graphic Design. Their Website is, and yes, you should.

Jim McLauchlin

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