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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hero Free Comic Book Day Events, May 2!

We're concentrating on Metro L.A., ’cause that's where we are AND there's a super-cool, all-L.A. charity event called Big Sunday happening the same weekend we're participating in!

We suggest you check out Collector's Paradise in Winnetka, as they're pulling out all the stops with a boatload of crazy-cool events. Including Mark Waid, per the above.

Meltdown Comics on Sunset will have The Mighty Tim Sale!

4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga—Damn, but that's fun to say!—will have a smorgasbord of fun as well.

More to come!

Jim McLauchlin

1 comment:

Edward said...

Thanks for the plug, Jim. Our HUGE Hero Benefit will include:

Signings by Waid, Marc Guggenheim, Jim Mahfood, Mike Kunkel, Joe Benitez, David Wohl, JT Krul, among a few undisclosed others.

$10 sketches for HERO by Mahfood, Kunkel & Benitez

HERO RALPHS Card Giveway : Bring your Ralphs card and receive a free HERO Exclusive Comic Book with work by Mark Waid, who'll sign it for you.

Characters in Costumes, and a PRO Photo Studio to take photos with them , great for Kids.

Biggest sale of the year, and 10% of the proceeds going to HERO.