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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hero Memberships: Out with the 2009, in with the 2010!

Okay, call me hokey, but I’m a big believer in providing value for a dollar. Even if, as is the case with Hero Initiative, we’re a charity.

Now don’t get me wrong—we love what is known in the business as the “unsolicited donation,” that $50 check that shows up in the mail or the $10 outta nowhere that someone drops in the donation jar at a convention. We’ll take that all the live-long day, gladly. And we appreciate the hell outta it.

But we’re also not blind to the put-it-in-quotes “economy being what it is today.” Folks just don’t have the disposable income they had a year or two or three ago. And as we like to provide value for the dollar, we believe you should get full value out of a yearly Hero Initiative membership. So that said…

We are closing 2009 Hero memberships effective June 30, 2009. Bottom line, we’d just kinda feel badly taking your money for a yearly membership when you’re only there half a year. Now by NO means does this mean the membership program is going away! Quite to the contrary we’re already formulating 2010’s membership plan, which should be quite a humdinger. And if you are interested, we do encourage you to sign up NOW and before June 30, as…

• All 2009 members will get a discount on renewing their 2010 memberships!
• If you sign up on-site at Wizard Philly and Charlotte Heroescon, both June 19-21, there will be special incentive for you to sign up!
• 2010 will feature different premiums, and additional special members-only events at conventions and so on.

So there you be, folks. The clock is ticking. Don’t let it run out on ya!

Jim McLauchlin

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