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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ford runs Hero Initiative donation to $10,000!

Because some ideas are so good, you just have to repeat them…

The great folks at Ford Motor Co. donated another $5000 to Hero Initiative at the recently completed New York Comic Con in support of the launch of the new Ford Fiesta. This is in addition to the $5000 they already ponied up at Baltimore Comic Con. And for this, we thank them tremendously. Those of you checking the weather have probably noticed party cloudy with a chance of job loss and budget-tightening, so the Hero coffers have been tapped into at a slightly more rapid pace these days. We just finished dashing off a few smallish checks to Gene Colan, Ed Hannigan, and a few other guys, with, I'm sure, more down the pike.

The kindness and generosity Ford has shown us, and the comics world as a whole, in an outta-the-blue way is truly remarkable. Makes me wanna throw away my Acura. But I gotta drive it today. And special props to Brian K. Vaughan for pointing them in our direction in the first place.

Up top: Ford's check presentation at New York con. Ugly dude on the left is me, followed by Patrick Dorrington, Marketing Development Manager of Ford, and of course, the inimitable Mark Waid, writer of Irredeemable, Amazing Spider-Man, and every other comic you love.

As always, you can check out the new Fiesta at and catch them a-Twittering as well.

Jim McLauchlin

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