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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hero is lookin' for its shrink!

A year or so ago, there was a…geez, I'm not up on the correct term. Psychologist? Psychiatrist? I can never remember the difference! Who offered his services to Hero for counseling and etc., even over the phone, for Hero-type beneficiaries. I have need of that dude, or a similar dude or dude-ette!

If it was you, drop me a line ASAP at:

Much appreciated!

If it ain't you reading this…spread the word!

Jim McLauchlin


Unknown said...
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SangorShop said...

The easiest way to recall is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor (who usually don't do counseling),
a psychologist has a doctorate in psychology (although you might want to find one who's degree is in counseling psychology)..
(( me, I'm a retired mental health counselor))