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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overstreet #41 Cover…the Process!

Process junkies of the world…unite! We give you the step-by-step on the STELLAR Hero-exclusive Overstreet #41 cover that will be available at this year's San Diego con!

(And ya know what? No one guessed that that's what this piece was for!)

It starts, of course, with the gorgeous pencils and amazing attention to detail of the inimitable John Romita!

John, being a man of great taste and distinction, specifically requested the legendary Tom Palmer to provide the inks, and Tom did so, adding AMAZING tones to the piece as well!And as both Messrs. Romita and Palmer are no one's fool, they wanted none other than Dean White to do the colors, and Dean did the whole group proud!

And once the folks over at Gemstone Publishing got through with the trade dress, we had ourselves a full cover!

More announcements soon, and in the meantime…set aside $35 for San Diego, huh? This'll be your FIRST chance to lay paws on this great exclusive-covered edition of the hobby's essential reference guide!

Jim McLauchlin

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