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Monday, July 23, 2007

Chicago is the new San Diego

San Diego, I scoff at thee! In this beyond-instant gratification world, the only thing left is to declare things over before they've even started. Kinda like that Leif Garret kid's career once was. So let's just gloss over SD and assume we all had a great time. Our feet hurt, but a great time.

So. Paul Jenkins will be the Man of the Hour for Mighty Hero at Wizard World Chicago, and The Hero Initiative will have a pool table at our booth.

That's right. A pool table at our booth. Paul will take on all comers in the manly arts of 8-ball and 9-ball, and in addition, special matches are being set up, to wit:

• THE BIG DIRTY! Instead of getting in at $30, a fan can challenge Paul to a single game for $500, and possibly with a $1000+ prize package! We'll do this once a day. If your name is "Minnesota Fats," you might be interested in this.
• THUNDERDOME (Two men enter, Paul Jenkins leaves!) A few other assorted comics pros have already challenged Jenkins to grudge matches for crazy stakes. Mark Millar and Joe Quesada are already in. Paul will shoot BEHIND HIS BACK against Quesada to even things up. Stakes are still being finalized, but may involve the surrender of beloved football jerseys to winners, and the washing of cars in Speedos. It is to cringe.

Get thee to The City of Broad Shoulders! Meat-packer to the Republic! Chicago! Tix info via:

Jim McLauchlin

Softblog, part I'm not counting anymore

Marvel has ALREADY taken an early 1-0 lead on the strength of these kickass Stan Lee- and Chris Berman-approved nicknames provide by team captain Mike Pascuillo. Seriously, unless DC steps up, I might gift Marvel a run to start the game.

Axel “The Agile” Alonso

Reilly “You’re A Good Man Charlie” Brown

Peter “Do or Die” David

John “Different Strokes For Different” Dokes

Paul “How Similar to Cricket Is This” Jenkins

Charles “Have You Had E” Knauf

Logan “Don’t Call Me Wolverine” Lubera

Damon “I Never Take A” Nee

Khoi “Bam Bam” Pham

Mike “Don’t Try To Pronounce It” Pasciullo

Joe “Let’s Play Two” Quesada

Humberto “Lefty” Ramos

Esad “The Babe” Ribic

Johnny “The Rocket” Romita Jr.

Andy “Don’t Give Me Any” Schmidt

Steve “I Didn’t Want to Play on the Losing Team Again So I Work At Marvel Now” Wacker

Daniel “Let Me Show You The” Way

Jim McLauchlin

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The San Diego booth, she is ready

The Beast Men Call San Diego is upon us. Hero is teaming up with the titans of GameTap at San Diego booth #s 3848 and #3850. Swing by on us there, and you can also swing by on these swingin' creators:

630-730: Scott Koblish

1200-200: Arthur Suydam
200-300: Chris Gage
300-400: Kevin Eastman
345-445: Terry Moore
500-600: Andy Kuhn
600-700: Ron Marz and Greg Tocchini

1000-1100: Keith Champagne and Andy Smith
1100-1230: Darwyn Cooke
1230-130: Lee Moder
130-230: J.H. Williams
230-330: Matt Haley
330-400: Brian Pulido
500-600: Joe Quesada

1100-1200: Michael Stackpole
1200-100: Dan Jurgens
100-200: Jim Valentino
200-230: Peter Chung
300-400: Joe Benitez
400-500: Francis Manapul
500-600: John Romita Jr.
600-700: Phil Hester

1000-1100: Bill Tucci and Mark Sparacio
1100-1200: Cully Hamner
1200-100: Roy Thomas
100-145: Dan Slott
200-300: Brian Pulido
300-430: Arthur Suydam

And is anyone else pissed that a 6-9 PM "Preview Night" on WED really cuts into drinking time? I know I am.

Jim McLauchlin

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Softblog, part 5 (pronounce: "cinco")

Marvel has come large in offering a free New Avengers #31 sketch variant to the first 40 ticket-buyers who belly up to the bar at:

DC has come large in offering up four rare RRP books to their ringer at:

And in the interest of fair play, ladies and germs, a DC team photo!

Jim McLauchlin

Monday, July 16, 2007

Softblog, part four (pronounce: "4")

Oh, yes. You can now win a chance to play on the Marvel or DC team and get all the blisters and sliding strawberries you can eat. Check out:

Best of luck. Ability to hit a slow-pitched softball a plus.

Jim McLauchlin

Friday, July 13, 2007

Softblog, part trés (pronounce: "tray")

As threatened, Hero will ferry your happy ass to the Marvel v. DC Softball Game. And it ain't no bus, neither! It's a luxury motorcoach! Luxury motorcoach, I say!

Tix at:

And the first 40 orders will get a free New Avengers #31 Sketch Cover variant as well. Those closed on the Zurich commodities market for, like, $1600 an ounce yesterday. I think.

Jim McLauchlin

Softblog, part deux (pronounce: doo)

Ah, memories. The 2006 Marvel Team. The shirtless guy with the beer is Esad Ribic. He went 0-2 at the plate, and had a smoke dangling outta his mouth at each at-bat.

More soon.

Jim McLauchlin

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Softblog, part un (pronounce: "ooon.")

So. Nobody's doin' nuthin' at San Diego on Thursday the 26th, right? Then you should hustle your happy ass to Morley Field to see the second annual Hero Initiative Marvel v. DC softball game! Luxury motorcoach round-trip transportation will be provided by Hero for a mere pittance, details coming soon. Buses (oh, I'm sorry—make that "luxury motorcoaches") will board at the Hyatt, a mere two doors down from the convention center. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Just a SMALL sampling of players playing, with MORE being added every day:

Marvelous Mike Pascuillo takes his Marvel Excelsior!s into battle with Paul Jenkins, John Romita Jr., Humberto Ramos and more.

Mighty Mike Marts leads his DC Bullets into the fray with Dan Jurgens, Adam Hughes and Billy Tucci.

That's right—the biggest off-season acquisition in sports, Billy Tucci, has swapped sides from Marvel to DC, and softball pundits are all a-twitter! Tucci was last year's MVP, as Marvel spanked DC, 22-11. He'll see if he can repeat his MVPerformance, and bring the coveted Stan Lee Cup (see above!) to the Distinguished Competition.

Jim McLauchlin

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I'm Derek Thorson, one of the guys behind The Hero Initiative website. Jim, president of Hero, asked me to look into creating a blog for Hero, so here I am. I have no idea if this is the ultimate place we'll end up, but it's the one I like the most. This post is mainly just to get it kick started so I can format the blog for Hero.