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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Two-fer-One Special!

I recently had the pleasure of hosting/co-hosting booths at not one but two great conventions to benefit Hero Initiative!

The first was Dragon*Con in lovely Atlanta, Georgia over the past Labor Day weekend. Chris Klamer (I bow to you) and I held down the fort with such amazing guests as Michael Avon Oeming (getting us hooked on Coffee Crisps), Terry Moore (a huge hit and a lovely person), Ethan Van Schiver (doing fantastic 3 minute sketches, and not minding when I forgot to keep time) and Whilce Portacio (I missed you, sorry!), with Arthur Suydam around the corner accepting donations from his prints to benefit Hero Initiative (and just being cool as only he can) and Brian Pulido down the way (with his legion of fans)! Michael Avon Oeming spent most of the show with us, showcasing his "Mice Templar" book -- which is a great read -- and raising filthy earth monies for the cause. Terry Moore made several fans very happy with sketches from "Strangers in Paradise" and made me happy by just being so darn sweet. Arthur Suydam generously donated proceeds from his Marvel Zombies prints to Hero Initiative and was placated with coffee and chicken. We all love chicken!

Chris and I with Terry Moore

Me with Arthur Suydam -- he is too cute!

Our booth superstar, Michael Avon Oeming

One of the best parts about holding down a booth for Hero? Tasty, tasty food with fantastic company!

Around the table: Helen Klamer, Chris Klamer, AJ Johnson (who got suckered into helping but did awesome), Arthur Suydam, Brian Pulido, and me!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Heroes Alliance, who often appear at conventions and always seem to make it to the Hero Initiative booth and spend some time posing for photos for donations. Here's Rogue and I:

And so no sooner did I unload my merch from Dragon*Con, it was time to get moving on the Orlando Comic-Con! A fangirl's work is never done.

While the Orlando Comic-Con was a small show, we made a big difference for Hero Initiative! Big hugs go out to Lenil Francis Yu for being an awesome booth buddy and doing two AMAZING sketches for two lucky fans (I'm serious. They were really cool!), to David Lloyd for great company, great sketches, and splitting a great bottle of wine, to Joshua Ortega for selling Death Dealers Sketch Variants to benefit Hero Initiative and not eating all my cookies (allowing me to sell them to benefit Hero Initiative instead), to Rob Granito for donating artwork and stamps and being super-sweet over dinner, to Javier Lugo for donating prints and lots of laughs at dinner, Tom Fleming for donating artwork and prints, to Mandy and TJ from Heroes Alliance for helping me out at the booth and bringing me along to dinner, to Bill for helping me unpack all the merch and getting it set up, to Julie for loaning me Bill, and to Lee the Batfan for being the kookiest, craziest person I have ever met and getting us lots of strange looks at Bennigans. Good times.

David Lloyd and I (I adore him - he is wonderful)

Lenil Francis Yu, our big draw for the show, you were awesome!

And what's a convention without a huge group of supporters showing up and eating lots of foods?

Next stop - MegaCon!

Hugs and Skittles for all!