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Saturday, June 27, 2009

HeroesCon 2009


Well another HeroesCon has come and gone and yes it is sad but on an up note we did have a great time for all and a special thanks to Shelton and Dustin for always being there for us and supporting the Hero Initiative. I really enjoy this show because of what it is all about which are the fans and keeping it real and all about the comics and the creators. This is one of the most family friendly shows you will ever attend.

Of course we had the spectacular George Perez at the booth all weekend signing and drawing sketches as you can see in the pictures below.

I still think this guy is some kind of robot because he keeps going like the energizer bunny.

Of course George is always doing his on raffle drawings as seen below. It is a couple of minutes long but everyone as you can tell had a great time. Robot I'm telling you Robot!

Now on to some other special people that also made this happen Steve Epting, Chris Moreno, Roy Thomas, Dick Giordano, Matt Fraction, Mark Waid and a brand new friend to the cause Chris Samnee. You can drop by and meet Chris at WW Chicago in August and he does some spectacular art.

I am always supported by some really great volunteers at the booth in Charlotte and these guys are always working above and beyond what they have to and I really appreciate this a lot. Below you will see a picture of the booth with everyone involved and plus a few friends. Special thanks to Lynette, Tony, Gary, Dave and Mike for doing a great job and if I forgot anyone please forgive and just remember I am old and the mind is just not what it used to be.

So again another successful show and my thanks to everyone involved and I look forward to doing it again.

Below is a short video of the convention floor area from the area above as you go in.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Hero Comics will make you cry tears of sweet joy

Part—just part!—of the three-ring circus that is Hero Comics is five pages of droolingly cool work by the inimitable talent that is Arthur Adams. To set your taste buds on fire, we proudly trot out this Thing v. Hulk Marvel Feature cover recreation, with pencils and inks by Adams, colors by hue-master Tom Smith.

And of course, our pals at Marvel Comics are graciously allowing this piece's inclusion in the book.

Did we mention Hero Comics, debuting at San Diego, 32 all-new, no-ads pages? We just did? Okay, then.

Get you some!

Jim McLauchlin

Thursday, June 25, 2009

100 Bullets + Tequila!

Oh, there will be more announcements and goodies, but if you're smart and get your 100 Bullets tickets, you'll also get this freakin' amazing custom 100 Bullets shot glass!

VIP tickets entitle you to:
• Programming with writer Brian Azzarello and cover artist Dave Johnson
• Access to the 100 Bullets art gallery
• Free food!
• Valet parking
• Open bar!
• Commemorative T-shirt
• Live music from the incomparable Nina Storey!
• A chance to hang-and-bang with the beautiful people from L.A.'s comics, artistic and literary communities.

It's all going down Saturday, July 11 at Meltdown on Sunset in the mighty L.A.

The Rev. Dave Johnson is responsible for the 100 B. art seen here, of course. Custom glass etching my the master, Karlton Hahn.

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The mighty crew at Portland's Periscope Studio has completed their "100 Wolverine" covers! Pictured above, clockwise from 12 o'clock, that's: Jeff Parker, Dustin Weaver, Steve Lieber, and Colleen Coover.

You can get nifty-swell close-up views of these covers and more here. So whatchoo waiting for? SNIKT!

Jim McLauchlin

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nina Storey at 100 Bullets Meltdown party!

We're stoked.

The AMAZING singing talent that is Nina Storey has signed on to be our torch singer at 100 Bullets: Last Shot, the rollickin' 100 Bullets sendoff at Meltdown Comics July 11. Only a few tickets still remain, so we suggest you get you some!

And to hear more from Nina, check out:

Jim McLauchlin

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spidey at 600, you at Comic Outpost!

For those of you in the SFO staying home and avoiding the maddening crowds of San Diego, please allow us to set your social calender for Wednesday, July 22:

The Comic Outpost at 2381 Ocean Ave. is having a killer Spidey #600 fest benefiting the Hero Initiative. Details above, and you can DEFINITELY look for some John Romita Sr. original art, and a massive wall displaying every issue of Amazing Spider-Man from #1 to #600.

We suggest you show up, or Aunt May just might never make you wheatcakes for breakfast again!

Jim McLauchlin

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dangerous Danny and the Process

Dangerous Danny Miki, straight outta the 909, has ponied up his Hero Initiative Wolverine cover, and even showed us a bit behind the curtain with his handsome photo ref, and work-in-progress pencils. Click the pic for a WAY lerger version.

Final version below, and it's a beaut!

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unfinished symphony, Dave Simons

Very unfortunately, artist Dave Simons passed away last week. Dave was in progress on a page in Hero Comics at the time. He had sent in the script, but had not started drawing the page yet.

Dave's script will still appear, as part of what will now be a tribute page in the book. Hero's Charlie Novinskie, a friend of Dave's, will write a remembrance on that page as well.

We present Dave's script here as well, as a bit of an "unfinished symphony." Both this blog post and the page in the book happen only on the advice and consent of Bette Simons, Dave's sister and next-of-kin. As you read it, we ask you keep both of them in your thoughts.

A nice pic of younger Dave at the bottom as well.

Jim McLauchlin

(Dave Simons)

We see a dramatic shot of THE DEVIL. My version looks more like a hot-rod devil, the kind of thing Robert Williams would draw.

That's usually who it is in those jokes. It's the kind of tale told over the second or third cocktail, the joke about what you want and what you get in your deal with the devil.

INT. BAR, angle on DAVE, age 18 and wearing U.S. Coast Guard dress uniform of the period, with a drink and a cigarette, looking smug.
In these tales, the
letter of the contract is always granted, but never the intent.

NIGHT, EXT. CITY STREET, on DAVE, now in his early 50s, sitting on a stoop and looking at the cigarette in his hand, dejectedly.
Thirty-five years later, and I still did not have lung cancer or gum cancer. What I did have was esophageal cancer (look it up).
Thanks to serving my country in my youth, my medical expenses are well-covered. What's not are my living expenses. I'm in the odd position of being able to work, but not being able to work enough to pay my bills.
Hero Initiative has been invaluable here. When the wolf is at the door, Hero Initiative has been there to pay the rent. Many times. That wolf, he does get hungry.

INT. STUDIO, on DAVE hunched over a drafting table and feverishly drawing away in a cramped studio space.
For now, I do what I can. Some days are better than others. It's tough to find the time and energy, whenever I can, I draw,
I know now I made a deal with the devil. I just didn't know I'd be rescued by angels.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Steve Dillon in Manhattan, June 24!

Steve Dillon is clinically proven to be one of the ten nicest guys on Earth. He'll also be at Jim Hanley's Universe on Wednesday, June 24 on the Hero Initiative's behalf. Swing by and say "hi!"

For address, directions and whatnot, try the Jim Hanley's Universe Website.

Jim McLauchlin

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hero Memberships: Out with the 2009, in with the 2010!

Okay, call me hokey, but I’m a big believer in providing value for a dollar. Even if, as is the case with Hero Initiative, we’re a charity.

Now don’t get me wrong—we love what is known in the business as the “unsolicited donation,” that $50 check that shows up in the mail or the $10 outta nowhere that someone drops in the donation jar at a convention. We’ll take that all the live-long day, gladly. And we appreciate the hell outta it.

But we’re also not blind to the put-it-in-quotes “economy being what it is today.” Folks just don’t have the disposable income they had a year or two or three ago. And as we like to provide value for the dollar, we believe you should get full value out of a yearly Hero Initiative membership. So that said…

We are closing 2009 Hero memberships effective June 30, 2009. Bottom line, we’d just kinda feel badly taking your money for a yearly membership when you’re only there half a year. Now by NO means does this mean the membership program is going away! Quite to the contrary we’re already formulating 2010’s membership plan, which should be quite a humdinger. And if you are interested, we do encourage you to sign up NOW and before June 30, as…

• All 2009 members will get a discount on renewing their 2010 memberships!
• If you sign up on-site at Wizard Philly and Charlotte Heroescon, both June 19-21, there will be special incentive for you to sign up!
• 2010 will feature different premiums, and additional special members-only events at conventions and so on.

So there you be, folks. The clock is ticking. Don’t let it run out on ya!

Jim McLauchlin

Monday, June 1, 2009

S. Clay Wilson: Gettin' Better

We’re happy to report that legendary underground comix creator S. Clay Wilson is gettin’ better. Lorraine Chamberlain, S. Clay’s girlfriend and legal conservator, dropped some photos on us. Up top, left-to-right, that’s Paul Mavrides, Wilson, R. Crumb, and Spain Rodriguez. Spain has also been instrumental in helping out Clay and Lorraine.

Sayeth the Chamberlain: “I thought you'd like to see a couple of pix I took last week when Crumb, Spain and Mavrides visited him in the hospital. We had a lovely visit, and took him out nearby for coffee after having a picnic lunch Spain brought to the ward.
“I'm hoping he will be stabilized in the next few weeks. I hope to get him home by his birthday in July.”

Hero is fortunate enough to have slid some legal, financial, and technical help the way of Lorraine and Clay. And we think it would be a damn good idea of YOU continue to fund the S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust at:

And left-right, below, there’s Spain, Wilson, Lorraine, Crumb.

Jim McLauchlin

Hero Comics Hub page!

Hero Comics will be about the swingin'est thing to swing since all those monkeys escaped the zoo and took over that vine factory. We've just established a Hero Comics "Hub" page on our Website, where we'll have links, previews, and you-name-it. Check it out.

And the SINGLE most important thing you can do: Scream at your local retailer that you think this is cool as heck, and you want a copy! It's in the June Previews for items shipping Auguest, 2009. Order code: JUN090950

Jim McLauchlin