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Thursday, June 25, 2009

100 Bullets + Tequila!

Oh, there will be more announcements and goodies, but if you're smart and get your 100 Bullets tickets, you'll also get this freakin' amazing custom 100 Bullets shot glass!

VIP tickets entitle you to:
• Programming with writer Brian Azzarello and cover artist Dave Johnson
• Access to the 100 Bullets art gallery
• Free food!
• Valet parking
• Open bar!
• Commemorative T-shirt
• Live music from the incomparable Nina Storey!
• A chance to hang-and-bang with the beautiful people from L.A.'s comics, artistic and literary communities.

It's all going down Saturday, July 11 at Meltdown on Sunset in the mighty L.A.

The Rev. Dave Johnson is responsible for the 100 B. art seen here, of course. Custom glass etching my the master, Karlton Hahn.

Jim McLauchlin

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Paulina said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.