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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now that's just freakin' cool!

Clayton Crain's "100 Wolverines" cover!

Jim McLauchlin

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stan Lee books, Round 2!

Get thee to Hero's page on eBay, and the next 10 Stan Lee-signed books generously donated by New Dimension Comics! Hop to it, Clyde!

Jim McLauchlin

Hero Comics, still available and crunchy-good!

Good news: IDW informed me that within 48 hours of release, they already recieved 1200 reorders on Hero Comics.

Better news: Even after this, we STILL Have thousands of copies available for reorder! The printer, Try Vision Co. of Los Angeles, was VERY generous in printing overs on this. So if Your Local Store is sold out, tell ’em they can grab more!

Hero Comics is published by IDW Publishing, and order code is: JUN090950

For more general info on the book, check this out.

Jim McLauchlin

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Continue Drooling

J. Scott Campbell's "100 Wolverines" cover.

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chicago Comic-Con 2009 Has Gone Bye-Bye

Well another Chicago Comic-Con has come and gone along with a lot of good times and some very speedy and sweet smelling events. As seen on another blog we had our speed dating event which seemed to go very well chased by a few libations here and there as seen in the following photo a few brave fellows showed up for maybe a nice girl and possibly wedding bells.

Now we also had George (The Sketching Machine) Perez at the booth and other than stopping to have a bite to eat and drink we couldn't hardly get him to leave the table

Of course George couldn't do it all by himself (even though he did try) but there were a few other guest appearances by artists at the table such as Skottie Young, Chris Samnee, Matt Wagner, Mark Texeira, J.S. Campbell, Bill Rheinhold and Gene Ha all made time to drop by and help out.

Now a special thanks goes out to my wonderful volunteers that really stepped up and made this all happen this because without all of these guys like Mike Fleming taking care of the lottery selling all of those tickets and Wendi, David, Arne, Benjamin, Cullen (Who was actually working on getting married soon) and then there was also Jim and Frank and they all volunteered and worked extremely hard to make it all come together and my thanks to all. Also a special thanks to our fearless leader Jim McLauchlin whom was always not to far away cracking a mean whip.
OOPS! sorry that was the booth next to us.
This is what it's all about helping out and raising money to aid the people that started the business that helps us have these really great weekends. Trust me I would rather be doing this than cleaning out my garage.
Well kudos to everyone on a great and successful weekend for the Hero Initiative.
So I will hopefully see everyone again next year.
Chris Klamer

Speed Dating and Sweet Smells!

And so it came to pass at the Chicago Comic-Con that the Sachs and Violens Speed Dating Party hosted by George PĂ©rez was held! All to launch the kickass Sachs and Violens perfume oil and cologne oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! (Available now, like we even needed to mention that.)
George, as he was called this evening, "The Doctor of Love," was on hand to preside.
Who sez comics is 90% male and 35% body fat? We had an equal number of men and ladies! In yer face, stereotypes!

The Doctor himself walked the floor to make sure all was copacetic.
Annnnnd…team photo time! Best of our knowledge, no marriages nor proposals have come forth as yet, but you never know. Buy some of that wacky perfume oil. Ya might get lucky!

(And all glory and honor to Dangerous Dan Reilly of the mighty Wizard Entertainment, who provided the pics!)

Jim McLauchlin

Commence Drooling…NOW!

David Finch's 100 Wolverines cover.
Words seem superfluous.

Jim McLauchlin

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Send Gene Colan your cards and letters!

Gene Colan’s wife Adrienne informs us that Gene was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York early in the morning on Monday, Aug. 10 by ambulance.

All is looking okay, and best guess is that Gene might be laid up in hospital for a few days. In fact, steady improvement could get him home by late Wednesday-early Thursday. He has pneumonia in his right lung behind his heart, and possibility of infection of some fluids. Some Encephalopathy-related difficulties may be going on, too.

As positive vibes are always a nice tonic, cards, letters and well-wishes are deeply appreciated, and can be sent to:
Gene Colan
2240 Burnett Street, #5D
Brooklyn, New York 11229

“Brother Take My Hand,” indeed.

(Psst! Order one here:

Jim McLauchlin