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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Hero Initiative is looking for a few good video crews!

The Hero Initiative is on the lookout for production companies/producers/videographers who would be willing to tape Hero events at cons across the country and interview comics professionals.

Companies need to be a top-to-bottom operation. You’ll need to shoot, edit and deliver pro shot materials on your own, with minimal (but critical) direction from The Hero Initiative.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, please submit a resume and/or send us a link to your demo reel.

We are looking for coverage in the following markets:
• Manhattan/Long Island (needed ASAP)
• Columbus, OH (needed ASAP)
• Brighton, MI (50 mi. W of Detroit; needed ASAP)
• Phoenix/Mesa, AZ (for convention 23-25 JAN)
• Orlando, FL (for convention 27 FEB-MAR 1)

Please direct all inquiries, resumes and demos to Brian Pulido at:

Friday, December 19, 2008

And Hulk 100 at Comic Bug in L.A.!

It's official: NO PARTY IS COMPLETE until you have Hulk balloons!
The Gamma-Boogie crew at The Comic Bug in scenic Manhattan Beach, CA hosted another of our Hulk 100 Project events with SIX stellar artists!Left to right, the above, Joe Benitez (he's there; look close!), Scott Koblish, Aaron Sowd, and Joe Rubinstein.
And above, Joe, Bill Morrison and Tone Rodriguez.

There were snacks, drinks, drawings, books, and torn-up purple pants. Per usual, the Comic Bug crew rolled out the green carpet in inimitable, infectious style.

And if you haven't picked up a copy of The Hulk 100 Project yet, well, you're just an ol' fuddy-duddy.

Jim McLauchlin

P.S. All pics courtesy our pal Scott Ludwig.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hulk 100 Project at Paradise Comics, Toronto!

Our pals at Paradise Comics in Toronto, Ontario were lucky enough to host one of our Hulk 100 Project launch events! And folks smart enough to show up got some super-cool sketches, such as this beaut above from cover artist Dale Keown!

The whole artist crew on hand was (l-r) Agnes Garbowska, Francis Manapul, Leonard Kirk, and Dale Keown. Thanks much to all!

For those of you wondering what that small, Tribble-like thing is in Anges' lap, it's the real star of the show…
Otis the dog!

And if you haven't picked up a copy of The Hulk 100 Project yet, shame on you. It's mean, green, and gamma-fortified. You can get it in softcover flavor at $10, or limited edition hardcover (only 500 copies made!) at $19.99. Do it today, you'll make Thunderbolt Ross happy.

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Hero Initiative on Twitter!

Now you can follow The Hero Initiative on Twitter!
You'll see News Stories, Auctions, and other Hero Announcements...