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Thursday, December 23, 2010

LAST of the signed Stan's Soapboxes!

The signed-and-numbered edition of Stan's Soapbox: The Collection is almost gone!

We have only TWO left via our eBay store.

And for the budget-conscious among you, there are six left at HALF PRICE with a small corner ding from

Remember, there were only 250 of the hardcovers made, and only 100 of these are signed by BOTH Stan Lee and John Romita.

Last-second Christmas gifts, anyone?

Jim McLauchlin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darwyn Cooke's 12 Days o' Christmas!

Our ol' pal Darwyn Cooke is playing Santa this Christmas with 12 great goodies going up on eBay with proceeds benefiting Hero Initiative! Best to check his blog on a daily basis over the next fortnight or so for new items.

In the here-and-now: A killer page from Parker: The Outfit (see below)! Check it out! And thanks, Dar!

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simonson before…and after!

Process junkies of the world unite!

The inimitable Walter Simonson was kind enough to send in scans of both his pencils and inks for his "100 Avengers" cover, and the results are seen here!

And fear not, art lovers: The "100 Avengers" book collecting all these lovely covers will be on sale in May, 2011. Auctions of the originals to start…oh, sooner or later. Let's say March, maybe.

Jim McLauchlin

Graham Crackers Hero Initiative Membership Party!

Big thanks to our pals at the mighty Graham Crackers Comics (did we mention nine Chicagoland locations?) and artist Angel Medina (above) for their help at the Hero Initiative membership party back on Nov. 12 at GC's Plainfield location. A splendid time was had by all, folks in attendance enjoyed 25% off EVERYTHING in the store, and Angel even did free sketches for folks who signed up for Silver level memberships.

And new 2011 members included folks such as Nicole McCue of Aurora, IL (below) and Noah Robinson of Plainfield, IL (below below).

Jim McLauchlin

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wizard #200 Jam cover now up for auction!

Our friends over at are now doing…auctions! And we're helping them launch with an ├╝ber-cool piece from an all-star lineup of artists that can't be matched!

The artists who did the Wizard #200 cover generously decided to donate the cover to Hero Initiative rather than break out the scissors and chop it up among themselves. The piece features:

Joe Quesada, who penciled Wolverine and the "200"
Steve McNiven, who penciled Spider-Man
Bryan Hitch, who penciled the Thing
And Michael Turner, who penciled the Incredible Hulk

The whole sheebang was inked by Dangerous Danny Miki, and we thank EVERYBODY for their help and participation!

And you can bid on it NOW! Just truck over to And best of luck!

Jim McLauchlin