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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Order Long Beach tickets NOW and help Hero!

The newly renamed Long Beach Comic and Horror Con will be haunting the LBC Halloween weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 29-30. And if you purchase your tickets starting at the Hero Initiative Website, you can help Hero twice over!

Just click on the Long Beach logo on the right side of the Hero homepage, make your ticket purchase online, and the con will donate 10% to Hero AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! It's just something they're doing ’cause they're nice peeps!

Or, hey, we’re already here at the Hero blog, right? Here’s a link. Use this one!

Then if you REALLY wanna step up to the plate, you have an option to donate an additional $5 to Hero at time of purchase. Just click on the Hero Initiative logo as you're making your purchase, and slide us a few bucks. The con folks will send that dough off to Hero!

The Long Beach Comic Con is in a picturesque location on the ocean in the LBC, and chock full of great creators. Plus, the weather's always nice. Seriously, it's in the state Constitution. Always 78 degrees and sunny. It has to be. So be there, and help Hero while you're at it!

Jim McLauchlin

Monday, April 25, 2011

"The Process," Josh Medors Spider-Man

We hope that by now, you've seen the PR on the Josh Medors Spider-Man print available on Free Comic Book Day, May 7, at Packrat Comics in Columbus, Ohio.

And we really hope you're currently scratching through your wallet to pony up and buy one!

But even if not, we figgered we'd pull back the curtain and let you see the process behind, with Josh's amazing pencils up top…

His stellar inks right here…

And the whole sheebang, colored by by ace hue-master Tom Smith right here!

Keep in mind, and we really hope you get the gravity of this situation…Josh did all this with cancerous tumors in his spinal column. It being the spine, Josh is having some difficulties with and numbness in his extremities.

And he was still able to do all that!

Get yourself a print.

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Avengers Week 3 up and running!

David Bullock! George Pérez! Amanda Conner! Joe Staton! MORE!

All up right now via Hero's eBay page.

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Russ Heath walkin' a lot!

Russ Heath is BLOWING UP the recovery curve after his knee replacement surgery. He was out of the rehab facility eight days after the operation, even though 14 days was expected. He has the (hopefully!) final appointment with the aftercare specialist today.

I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Russ Heath yesterday, and he was in great spirits, having a grand ol' time and cracking rapid-fire jokes, just like always.

Good news, this.

Jim McLauchlin

Josh Medors drawin' stuff!

A brief note on Josh Medors, courtesy Josh's wife, Charlotte. Josh continues to battle a rare form of cancer.

"It turns out Josh’s white blood cell counts were two one-hundredths of a point away from being too low to continue chemo. We're working on getting those back up. In the meantime, his body is having a tough time fighting off infections due to this. He is fighting a bit of a cold, but he is keeping his spirits up. He has been drawing like crazy! It seems he is either sleeping or drawing all the time lately. It is really nice to see him drawing again!"

Speaking of Josh drawing, we'll have some news on a cover gig for Josh and a great product tie-in as well coming soon. Eyes open.

Jim McLauchlin