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Saturday, June 27, 2009

HeroesCon 2009


Well another HeroesCon has come and gone and yes it is sad but on an up note we did have a great time for all and a special thanks to Shelton and Dustin for always being there for us and supporting the Hero Initiative. I really enjoy this show because of what it is all about which are the fans and keeping it real and all about the comics and the creators. This is one of the most family friendly shows you will ever attend.

Of course we had the spectacular George Perez at the booth all weekend signing and drawing sketches as you can see in the pictures below.

I still think this guy is some kind of robot because he keeps going like the energizer bunny.

Of course George is always doing his on raffle drawings as seen below. It is a couple of minutes long but everyone as you can tell had a great time. Robot I'm telling you Robot!

Now on to some other special people that also made this happen Steve Epting, Chris Moreno, Roy Thomas, Dick Giordano, Matt Fraction, Mark Waid and a brand new friend to the cause Chris Samnee. You can drop by and meet Chris at WW Chicago in August and he does some spectacular art.

I am always supported by some really great volunteers at the booth in Charlotte and these guys are always working above and beyond what they have to and I really appreciate this a lot. Below you will see a picture of the booth with everyone involved and plus a few friends. Special thanks to Lynette, Tony, Gary, Dave and Mike for doing a great job and if I forgot anyone please forgive and just remember I am old and the mind is just not what it used to be.

So again another successful show and my thanks to everyone involved and I look forward to doing it again.

Below is a short video of the convention floor area from the area above as you go in.


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