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Monday, July 23, 2007

Softblog, part I'm not counting anymore

Marvel has ALREADY taken an early 1-0 lead on the strength of these kickass Stan Lee- and Chris Berman-approved nicknames provide by team captain Mike Pascuillo. Seriously, unless DC steps up, I might gift Marvel a run to start the game.

Axel “The Agile” Alonso

Reilly “You’re A Good Man Charlie” Brown

Peter “Do or Die” David

John “Different Strokes For Different” Dokes

Paul “How Similar to Cricket Is This” Jenkins

Charles “Have You Had E” Knauf

Logan “Don’t Call Me Wolverine” Lubera

Damon “I Never Take A” Nee

Khoi “Bam Bam” Pham

Mike “Don’t Try To Pronounce It” Pasciullo

Joe “Let’s Play Two” Quesada

Humberto “Lefty” Ramos

Esad “The Babe” Ribic

Johnny “The Rocket” Romita Jr.

Andy “Don’t Give Me Any” Schmidt

Steve “I Didn’t Want to Play on the Losing Team Again So I Work At Marvel Now” Wacker

Daniel “Let Me Show You The” Way

Jim McLauchlin


Anonymous said...

it sure would have been nice if you would have loged on some where and posted the results of the game. after it was over.

McLauchlin said...

Marvel 18, DC 9.
The Stan Lee Cup stays in Marvel's possission!

Jim McLauchlin