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Monday, September 17, 2007

Events, we gots events!

All the cool kids were at The Secret Headquarters on Labor Day weekend where The Hero Initiative rolled out The 3-minute Sketchbook (lookee here for more details: ). Our thanks to Brian Cunningham of Wizard, who helped put together the book, AND played Jimmy Olsen, snapping off these pics!

Immediate below, a close-up of the racks, showing work by Dick Ayers, Steve McNiven, Ernie Chan, Jim Cheung, Sal Buscema, Frank Cho and more!

Joltin' Joe Rubinstein was one of the many artists who showed up to do some ACTUAL 3-minute sketches in people's books. He's aided and abetted by Hero volunteer Erudite Elizabeth Thompson.

And just above, a close-up on some of the work Bongo Comics' Bill Morrison was doing.

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BobbyNash said...

This is just a really cool idea.