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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emerald City Comicon Sketchbook

There will be 200 copies made. They will be individually numbered. They will be available exclusively at the Hero Initiative booth at Emerald City Comicon. Drop-dead gorgeous cover by Tim Sale, with colors by Dave Stewart.

I suggest you pick one up!

Jim McLauchlin


Unknown said...

Wish I could be for this. Guess I'll have to watch ebay after the show. Looks awesome.

Unknown said...

Any idea who are gonna be sketching at the tables during the show yet?

EmeraldArcher said...

I'll definitely be picking one up.

Vincent, I'd be happy to try to pick one up for you but Money's pretty tight this year (Especially since I found out CBLDF who I was supposed to volunteer for wasn't allocated their booth I now have to pay $25 for a ticket)

I'm assuming they're at least $20-25 ea. I've got maybe $100-150 for the show and after this, two limited prints and a few other things I'm pretty close to tapped.