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Friday, July 3, 2009

NEW Hero T-shirt debuts at 100 Bullets party!

And lo, there shall come…a new T-shirt design!

Folks smart enough to buy a VIP ticket to the 100 Bullets: Last Shot party July 11 at Meltdown in L.A. will get, as part of their VIP package, a T-shirt. And it's your choice. The 100B shirt seen above, or the NEW Hero T-shirt, uh, also above.

Crazy visual hyperkinetic you-gotta-be-there bonus: The Hero shirts will be pre-made and ready for you to pick up. The 100B. shirts will be live screened ON SITE . Tell ’em what size you need, and the crew from Blue Rooster Art Supplies will make it RIGHT before your eyes. It's kinda like going to the taco truck and ordering lunch. I like mine with lots of cheese, and just a smidge of guacamole.

VIP tix holders also get super-cool 100 Bullets shot glasses, and one hair plucked from the beard of Brian Azzarello. He's got a lot to spare.

And if you're so lame you don't make the scene, the new Hero shirts will also be available at The Beast Men Call San Diego.

Jim McLauchlin


Karlton said...

That 100 Bullets image looks great on a t-shirt.

Trippin-ts said...

Cool T man i like it .!!!

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