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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hero Initiative conventions, 2010!

Holy goosh. The clock on the wall sez the traveling circus is ready to start again! Just so you know where to find us, here's a list of conventions Hero will be at in 2010, with a few highlights and the standard proviso that "schedules are subject to change" and whatnot:

March 12-14: Orlando MegaCon: look for George PĂ©rez, Joe Benitez, and an 11-man "100 Wolverines" signing!

March 13-14: Emerald City Con, Seattle. Super-cool Hero Members party!

March 26-28: Wizard World Toronto. Again, a super-cool Hero Members party!

March 27-28: Planet Comic Con, Overland Park, Kansas

April 2-4: WonderCon, San Francisco. Look for our amazing Ed Hannigan party at the Cartoon Art Museum!

April 16-18: C2E2, Chicago. Look for amazing Hero events at the con, AND at Reggie's Rock Club! More on that soonly.

May 22: Spokane Comicon, Spokane, WA

June 4-6: Heroescon, Charlotte, NC

July 23-26: San Diego. Plan is that we'll have access to a hotel suite all weekend, and will be running LOTS of great events such as last year's Jim Lee meet-and-greet!

August 19-22: Wizard World Chicago. Still in the planning stages, but in addition to con stuff, we're looking to have a gourmet meal cooked by Karl Kesel that you can attend! Would we lie?

August 28-29: Baltimore Comicon.

October 8-10: New York Comicon.

October 29-31: Long Beach Comic Con, Long Beach, CA (or as we locals like to call it "the LBC.")

November 6-7: Mid-Ohio Con, Columbus, OH

In many, many cases, you can even buy tickets and help Hero out at NO additional cost to you! So keep checking the blog, check the website, and we'll see ya on the road!

Jim McLauchlin


Kirk said...

I'll cross my fingers and hope that Austin Comic Con gets added!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see the Pittsburgh Comiccon on the list.