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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hero's EXCLUSIVE Conan Overstreet at San Diego!

Consider this your official notice that you have to put 35 sheckels aside!

The fine folks at Gemstone Publishing are printing off a mere 500 Hero-exclusive copies of the world-famous Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide for 2010! In keeping with the book's 40th anniversary, Hero reached 40 years into the past to "recreate" 1970's Conan #1 cover, with was lovingly penciled by John Romita Jr., inked by Klaus Janson, and colored by Dean White! The cover is a beauty, and will be available San Diego weekend (that's 23-26 July) for $35.

Get you one!

Jim McLauchlin


nyrdyv said...

I love the Conan comics and much of the artwork. And, we all obviously must love the Hero Initiative.

But, the choice of covers for this LE was a pretty poor choice; look at Conan's face and you can see it is just not the best piece of artwork to feature on an LE cover.


Steven G. Willis

Dave said...

Will it be available to people that can't attend San Diego Comic Con?

Kevin said...

Of course it will be available on eBay AFTER SDCC. But it looks like SDCC only