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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seafood! Booze! Comic creators!

Those of you attending the Long Beach Comic Con or residing in the Los Angeles area should absolutely check out, RIGHT NOW, what is bound to be the combination seafood-social event of the season!

Hero Initiative is hosting a private party on FRI., 29 OCT at 5 PM where you can enjoy booze, banter, and stuff that used to swim in the ocean at Gladstone's, just a few blocks away from the Long Beach Convention Center. Now take it from a man with a gut: I have eaten many a finny critter in my time, and Gladstone's serves up about the best!

In addition to writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti, pictured above, you also get to hand-and-bang with:
Power Girl artist Amanda Conner!

Occasional comic writer and star of the new TV series Hung, Tom Jane!

The Right Rev. Dave Johnson who's both an artist and an ordained minister. He can marry you and stuff!

And Tim Bradstreet, another amazing artist whose Punisher and Hellblazer covers have blown us all away!

So check it out on eBay right now! You'll be glad ya did!

Jim McLauchlin


Desirée Rincón said...

How come all the super-cool stuff only happens on the West Coast? I am sad-faced. :(

Melina said...

This will not really work, I think like this.