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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wizard #200 Jam cover now up for auction!

Our friends over at are now doing…auctions! And we're helping them launch with an über-cool piece from an all-star lineup of artists that can't be matched!

The artists who did the Wizard #200 cover generously decided to donate the cover to Hero Initiative rather than break out the scissors and chop it up among themselves. The piece features:

Joe Quesada, who penciled Wolverine and the "200"
Steve McNiven, who penciled Spider-Man
Bryan Hitch, who penciled the Thing
And Michael Turner, who penciled the Incredible Hulk

The whole sheebang was inked by Dangerous Danny Miki, and we thank EVERYBODY for their help and participation!

And you can bid on it NOW! Just truck over to And best of luck!

Jim McLauchlin

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