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Monday, April 25, 2011

"The Process," Josh Medors Spider-Man

We hope that by now, you've seen the PR on the Josh Medors Spider-Man print available on Free Comic Book Day, May 7, at Packrat Comics in Columbus, Ohio.

And we really hope you're currently scratching through your wallet to pony up and buy one!

But even if not, we figgered we'd pull back the curtain and let you see the process behind, with Josh's amazing pencils up top…

His stellar inks right here…

And the whole sheebang, colored by by ace hue-master Tom Smith right here!

Keep in mind, and we really hope you get the gravity of this situation…Josh did all this with cancerous tumors in his spinal column. It being the spine, Josh is having some difficulties with and numbness in his extremities.

And he was still able to do all that!

Get yourself a print.

Jim McLauchlin


Costas Karaiskos said...

I wish I lived at the states so I could pick up one! Although I live in Greece I try to support your cause every way I can. In the following weeks I'll send you a project I am preparing the past yeat so that you can put into good use!

Rich Arndt said...

Great looking cover. Very glad to see this and hope it has great success for the Hero Initiative

Costas Karaiskos said...

I must have been blind! I just saw that you can order one online! I just ordered mine!