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Friday, May 27, 2011

Get thee to PopCons for great convention pics!

All the cool kids know: If you want to see the best in comic conventions and all they have to offer—including creators, celebrities, art, costumes and more— is your one-stop source. They now have decades worth of photos from great conventions. Heck, you can even see Howard Chaykin wearing glasses that look like they've been repurposed into lenses from the Hubble telescope.

And of course, Hero has its mighty presence, including pics from the "Avengers Mansion" party at Chicago's C2E2 con (above). That's writer/artist Phil Hester and our lovely bottle girls.

And from the C2E2 floor, artists Gordon Purcell, John McCrea, and Hero volunteer Maryann Borelli.

And of course, ALL the great "100 Avengers" cover!

So check it out! PopCons is like Flickr, but without all those annoying pictures of someone's cat!

Jim McLauchlin

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