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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some good Josh Medors news all around

Josh Medors is a comic artist with an exceedingly rare form of cancer which has attacked his spinal cord. Hero has helped him out with some dough, and much-needed medical referrals and resources.

Recently, Josh was hospitalized again with a lung infection, resultant in part from a weakened immune system due to the chemotherapy he has to take. Chest tubes, ventilators, the whole nine.

We're happy to report things have taken a small turn for the better.

On June 26, Josh was released from the hospital and sent home!

June 27 was Josh's birthday.

On June 27, the eBay auction for Josh's Spider-Man cover to Alter Ego #105 sold for a whoppin' $2247. And ya know what? The very generous—and anonymous—winning bidder said, "Sounds like Josh could use the money. Why don't we just make it an even $3000?" And we did.

And today, June 29, signed prints of Josh's Spidey cover are available signed by both Josh alone or Josh and Stan Lee on Hero's eBay page.

The prints are also available single-signed and dual-signed courtesy our pals at Graham Crackers Comics as well.

Good news, Josh! Please keep gettin' better!

Jim McLauchlin

1 comment:

Scott Riley said...

Great news Josh, and happy belated! We hope to see you at Champion City Con again this year. Keep fighting!