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Friday, July 1, 2011

George Perez at Acme Comics, July 2

The inimitable George Pérez will be appearing at Acme Comics in Longwood, FL on Saturday, July 2 from 11 AM ’til 2 PM signing autographs and doing quick sketches for benefit of the Hero Initiative. Swing by and say "hi!"

For directions, more info and blueberry muffins*, check out Acme's Website.

Jim McLauchlin

* NOTE: Blueberry muffins not included.


Tabitha Johnson said...

Not sure about blueberry muffins, but snacks and beverages will be available :D

theguildedpage said...

To my mind every person ought to browse on it.

Anonymous said...

Tabitha Johnson is a fat ugly bitch. she is a racist pig. she is a slob. George Perez is not her father she is just an obsessive fan.