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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Water Remains Wet, and Joe Kubert Still Kicks Ass

Joe Kubert is the winner of the Hero Initiative 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is a "legacy" award. Last year's co-winners, John Romita Sr. and George Pérez, chose Kubert as this year's recipient. For 2008, Joe will get to choose a recipient.

Any attempt to enumerate the lifetime achievements of Joe Kubert would be incomplete, I'm sure, so suffice to say that as a writer, an artist, an educator, and a great human being, Joe Kubert is all 31 flavors of deserving. He continues to inspire to this day. A more worthy recipient I cannot think of.

And hats off to the hyper-talented Tommy Allison of Mad Robot Studios. Tommy crafted this year's award, just as he did last year with Romita and Pérez. Heck, he even came up with the inscription on the back! A damn good guy, that Tommy fellow.

Jim McLauchlin

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to HERO (Jim, Kevin, etc) for having me and my family and running such an excellent program at the Baltimore con this past weekend! I'm glad to have been a part of it.

I'd have to say the best moment for me at the show was watching Jay's (my 11 year old) eyes light up when his grandpa received a standing ovation for his HERO award. And of course, the second best moment was watching it myself.

Adam Kubert