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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"100 Avengers" bottle DONE! (Almost!)

And so it comes to pass that Hero Initiative's custom New Avengers bottle is in FedEx hands and winging its way to the Windy City! There, artist Tim Seeley will put the finishing touches on it just in time for our debut event featuring all 100 New Avengers #1 covers at Chicago's C2E2 con!

And did we mention the event is sponsored by our pals at Graham Crackers Comics, they of the nine convenient Chicagoland locations?
Way up top, that's…
• The Thing, by Tone Rodriguez
• Iron Fist, by Chris Moreno
• Spider-Man, by Aaron Sowd
Just added…
• Hawkeye, by Tony Fleecs
• Mockingbird, by Mark dos Santos

And of course, tin-can Iron Man by Tim Sale!

Admission to the "Avengers Mansion" debut event gets you one FREE raffle ticket to win this great bottle, and you can buy more tickets at the party as well. Best of luck, and we'll see you in Chicago!

Jim McLauchlin

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