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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roy Thomas, artist! (With a li'l help from his friends!)

We all know Rascally Roy Thomas as one of comics' most gifted and prolific writers. But hey—the dude can draw a little, too!

And so, as Roy is SO very associated with the Avengers, we asked Roy to pencil a cover in Hero Initiative's New Avengers 100 Project. The Rascally One obliged, incorporating one of his signature creations, Ultron! The results are seen above and below.

Speaking of above, no less a stellar light than the amazing Ty Templeton agreed to ink Roy's piece. It was a bit of a homecoming, as Ty noted that the first comic he EVER purchased with his own money was a copy of the Thomas-scribed Avengers #57, the landmark Vision story that featured Ultron as well.

Kinda nice when things like that happen, huh?

Jim McLauchlin

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