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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hero members FREEBIE at San Jose con, May 21-22!

As we're such nice fellas, we love to show a li'l love to our Hero Initiative members. So if you're one of the anointed few, all you have to do is flash your Hero membership card at the San Jose Big Wow Comic Fest May 21-22 and get a FREE super-cool print!

You choose from Frank Cho's Howard the Duck, Dan Brereton’s Iron Fist, or the Terry Moore/Matt Wagner Strangers in Paradise/Grendel! All them thar artists just mentioned will be the the con, so you can get yours signed RIGHT at the show!

If you’re not already a Hero Initiative member, NO problem! You can join at our booth, #605/607, and get one of these precious prints on the spot as a free membership bonus.

Jim McLauchlin

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